Intel co-founder Moore ‘amazed’ his prediction has lasted so long

Gordon Moore speaks at a recent interview by the New York Times. Photo by CNET

The man behind Moore’s Law says he’s “amazed” his prediction about technology advancements has lasted so long.

Gordon Moore, speaking at an event Monday celebrating the 50th anniversary of his theory that processor power improves exponentially every two years, said when he made the prediction in 1965, he was only looking 10 years out, not multiple decades.

Moore is the brains behind Moore’s Law, the idea that chips double in complexity about every two years as processor components shrink and become more tightly packed. The prediction about future technology — which is what allows our smartphones to continuously get thinner, faster and more energy efficient — still holds true 50 years after it was first posited. But Moore’s Law also is facing some hurdles, particularly that it’s getting more difficult and expensive to develop more advanced processors.

“I had no idea it was going to turn out to be a relatively precise prediction,” Moore said. To keep his theory going, Moore said, “will take a lot of good engineering.”

Story: CNET News