4Sight Consultants is the local representative for Spam Titan. If your mailboxes are constantly bombarded with Spam we can help you filter 99.9% of it. Just give us a call and start filtering today.

About Spam Titan

SpamTitan Technologies is a global provider of sophisticated enterprise-level email security solutions, offering small and medium sized businesses the most comprehensive protection from email threats, including spam, viruses, Trojans, phishing, malware and other unwanted content. Our anti spam product was launched in 2006. Today, we offer different deployment options of SpamTitan: ISO, VMware and on Demand (cloud based appliance).

SpamTitan Technologies also offers an  internet security solution called WebTitan, this is an easy-to-install, easy-to-manage and highly secure business web filtering solution.

The company has clients in over 100 countries worldwide, ranging from organisations with 20 staff to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with several hundred thousand users. We also support an extensive reseller network to facilitate the continued growth of our sales channel.

SpamTitan Technologies’ unique approach in utilising next-generation virtualisation software eliminates the need for unwieldy hardware, giving customers unparalleled flexibility, versatility and capability but at an affordable price.

SpamTitan is all about helping our customers to successfully rid users’ inboxes of spam, viruses and other email threats in an innovative, flexible and affordable way.

Ronan Kavanagh - CEO, SpamTitan